About Concept Installations

Building Basics + Automatic Door Skills

Our formula for successful projects is simple. Quality building. Careful design and implementation. And only the best top-brand operators.

Best Materials / Built Right

Our Quality Principles

By following these principles, we ensure that after completing a job, the next time we hear from our customers is not for repairs, but because they want to engage us for new door installations on their future projects.

  • Exceed Australian Standards

    Our goal is to deliver doors and automatic opening operators that not only meet but exceed Australian Standards. We want to ensure that they function flawlessly, are safe, and hold up to the highest standards for the builder's certificate.

  • Use Local Supplies

    We exclusively use Australian glass, sourced from reputable suppliers like Preston Glass. Our dedication to using top-quality materials extends to all aspects of our installations, including structures, frames, and operators, guaranteeing a long-lasting and reliable solution.

  • Work With the Best Materials

    We never compromise on the materials and components we use. We exclusively rely on top-of-the-line swinging operators, such as Assa Abloy, Record, Concept Aluminium, OneGlass Preston, Lockwood, and other premium components.

  • Builders, Not Installers

    While many door installation companies lack a construction background, we are qualified builder carpenters, and approach every project with a building mindset. This foundation ensures that our workmanship and the application of automation maintain exceptional quality.

  • Do it the Right Way, Once

    Sometimes we are called upon to fix poorly executed jobs done by other companies. In these cases, we often find it necessary to remove and replace the inadequate installations. By building properly, using the best equipment available, we aim to get it right the first time, preventing any need for future repairs or replacements. This not only saves money for both you and us but also guarantees a long-lasting solution.

  • Fewer Clients, More Cooperation

    At Concept Installations, we believe in transparent communication with our clients. We walk you through the entire process, ensuring that you understand the steps we'll take and the measures we'll implement to guarantee the best possible build quality. To provide our clients with the attention and quality they deserve, we only work with a limited number of clients at any given time, allowing us to focus on delivering high standards on each project.

  • Constant Improvement

    From materials to methods, we never stop trying to improve and perfect every type of installation we do. When it comes to our frameless entries, for example, we go the extra mile to ensure that everything remains hidden, true to the concept of being frameless. Whether it's hiding channels or ensuring a seamless integration with the structure, we strive for perfection.

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Our Development History


Building Apprenticeship and Overseas Experience

At Concept Installations, we have a unique background that sets us apart from other companies in the automation industry. With our origins as a domestic builder and extensive experience in shop fitting across Europe and America, we bring a distinct perspective to the world of automation.


First Glimpse of the Auto Door Industry

What began as a favor for a friend in the automatic door industry quickly turned into a niche for us. We discovered that our construction background allowed us to apply a higher level of quality and precision to the application of automation, unlike others who lack this expertise.


Combining Auto Doors + Construction Skills

Our approach resonates with clients because we can incorporate structural elements and even move entire fronts of buildings to achieve their desired outcomes. While other companies would need to involve multiple trades and contractors, we offer a comprehensive solution all under one roof. 


Leading Victorian Auto Door Installation Company

Today, many players in the market turn to us when faced with complex automation projects. There are few competitors in this field who possess our unique blend of skills and experience, making us the go-to choice for customers seeking exceptional results from start to finish.

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